Apr. 6th, 2011

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I bought a harness for the cat yesterday. It was expensive, but due to him being for big for the kitty harness/ tiny dog harness' and too small for most other dog harness, it was the only reasonable option.

This far I've just attched the leash to a mcgyvered collar I made out of the stommach section of the harness he outgrew. It's been ok, but if he gets a little bit better, he'll break out of it in a second.

And since he refuse to use the litter box, but manage to do his needs when I walk him, small price to pay, right?

Tonight, he used the litterbox.


Note to self:

LJ was down. :(
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Hi! Due to the DDoS attacks on LJ, I'm finally getting of my butt trying to find and add as many of my LJ friends as I can. If the The Kremlin really want LJ gone, it would be nice to know I already have a backup in place. :)


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