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If you own an archive or post your fic at an archive be aware there's a shark out there.

Keith Mander just bought and here's his business strategy: (Quoted from [ profile] esteliel 's post here

"My approach would be to directly contact site owners who are unaware of their site’s value and who’ve never experimented with online advertising. They’re usually surprised when you contact them with an offer and this eases the negotiation process. The potential with this approach is far greater.
Using information on popular search keywords is a good starting point. I think it’s wise to concentrate on topics that are not immediately commercial in nature as you’re more likely to discover a site created out of passion, rather than for profit. "

[ profile] esteliel have done some research on the guy and here's lovely quote from his blog about his intentions:

" is a fan fiction archive, just like (another site I snapped up a couple of months ago).

The thinking is that I can leverage the technology behind the Twilight site’s redesign to quickly rejuvenate the LOTR site. Plus, plenty of opportunities for cross promotion and integration (SSO, for example). The longer term thought is that with the combined user base, I’ll be able to quickly enter and dominate new fandoms, hopefully creating some returns

Please go to and [ profile] joyful_molly 's post here and read up on this guy. Today it's Twilight and LOTR, who know's what fandom archive he'll try to buy next. :(
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