Apr. 4th, 2011

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My baby is in pain. :( He has what the vet calls not quite a broken bone in his hip. I have a hard time finding the correct word for it in english, but as she said it, there's a crack, that's not quite a fracture. Yet. :( So now my cat is in a lot of pain, because if he gets painkillers he'll be too active and risk making the crack a fracture.  So he's trapped in a small room with nothing for him to jump up on (Also of the bad) and only let out once a day with me walking him on a leach like a dog. He refuses to use a litterbox so it's really like walking a dog...

And basically, it's a waiting game, to see if he gets better, or worse. And honestly if it comes to surgery of his hip, I'll probably have to put him to sleep because of the cost versus the chances of him getting a good quality of life after. :(

So keep your fingers crossed for him. He's only eight years old. :(

Also, today LJ was down from circa all afternoon until 10 PM. This is getting anoying. So I've decided to make a post when LJ's been down for more than an hour or so. I bet I'll post much more often from now on. :/


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